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Roofs are exposed to the weather on a continual basis, so it is natural that they will experience wear and tear over time.  When there is a heavy storm or strong winds the amount of damage is likely to increase. This can be caused by the sheer force of the weather conditions or, in the case of a strong wind, by debris causing damage. Common roofing problems include missing roof tiles and broken guttering.

If your roof is leaking it can cause unlimited damage. A small leak can cause unsightly mould, damage carpets and ruin internal decorations.

If the leak is not dealt with what started off as a small trickle can soon become a major flood.  Apart from the leak itself the amount of energy required to heat a house increases dramatically if there is a leak in the roof.  Just think of all that cold air coming into the house.

It can be easy to try to ignore leaks in the hope that they will fix themselves. Sadly roofs do not fix themselves so it is always better to tackle roof repairs Portsmouth as soon as they occur. This can save considerable money and stress in the long run.

If you are concerned in any way give us a call today.  We have considerable experience in roofing and will always advise the most economical solution. Phone us now.

Roof Repairs Portsmouth

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